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CSV up-dates + New Team Members!

This week (ends the 5th) - Bring a friend for free but you can book a CrossFit trail session via the web page or FB page, but this will cost you are standard drop in fee (The £7.50 will be deducted from the cost of your induction if you choose to sign up)

CrossFit Induction - CSV's CrossFit Induction will run Monday 6th and Wednesday the 8th at 19:30-20:30 (Both sessions), the cost is only £50 and includes the remainder of Augusts membership totally free!

New Members to the CSV Team! - CSV has two new coaches coming to the team very soon! Keep posted for more details! Who will it be????

New Kit coming soon! We will be looking to get 2 x ski ergs, 2 x bike ergs and another Assault Bike very soon! Plus maybe a special surprise!

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