This week's training! 

The programme runs up until 31st May


Always follow the government guidelines before doing any of these sessions and training outdoors.

Monday- 25th

Wod posted on the Facebook community page

Post your time and result on the Facebook Group. 


4 x 12 Bent over rows

4 x 15-20 Press ups 

4 x 12 Up right rows 

4 x 8-12 Dips or tri's

4 x 30 Plate twists

4 x 15 Hollow Rocks

Superset each pair of movements 



Push Press @ 40/30kg

Bar Facing Burpees 

Try to go unbroken and push the pace on the burpees 

Post the video you used on the Facebook Group. 


4 x 8:8 Bulgarian Split Squats or weighted step ups (control  the eccentric phase of the movement over 2-3 seconds)

4 x 10 Romanian Deadlift 

4 x 10 Weighted glute bridges

7 Min ab blast


20 - 2 Deadlift or KB Swings (20-18-16-14....2)

10 - 1 Wall Balls  Cleans or Hang Squat cleans (10-9-8-7...1)

30 DU's after each round 

Use the same bar for the deadlift & cleans the weight should be a very light deadlift approx 40/30kg

Post your time and result on the Facebook Group. 


Active recovery day


Get out on a long walk or bike ride (2-4hrs) 

Challenge - Post your route 



Back Squats 

4 x 6 @ challenging weight (remember you may have lost a lot of strength so scale as needed) 

4 x 12:12 Split squats 

4 x 12 Strict Press or Arnold Press

If you don't have access to a rack, bar or plates 

5 x 12 Weights jumping squats 

5 x 24 Weighted Jumping Lunges 

Superset these and rest as needed between sets


30 Alt DB Snatch or Single arm kb swing 

15 Burpee box jump overs 

20 Alt DB Snatch or Single arm kb swing 

10 Burpee box jump overs

10 Alt DB Snatch or Single arm kb swing 

5 Burpee box jump overs

Rest 5 Mins 

15 - 12 - 9 

Power Cleans @ 50/35kg

Cals or 300m run between rounds


Saturdays wod will be posted on Friday on FB

Sunday - 

Rest Day! (Make either Saturday or Sunday a FULL rest day).

Any questions on training, the programme, nutrition or general health and fitness speak to Coach Dan.

The week's program will generally be updated on a Sunday evening prior to the week ahead starting if it's updated before the Sunday,

then its a bonus :)




CrossFit Shadow Valley

Brecon House

Mamhilad Park Estate







L: 01495 764444





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