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Strenght Seminar- Squat, Deadlift & Press the right way!

The workshop will cover; • THE SEVEN TYPES OF STRENGTH • HOW ABSOLUTE STRENGTH IMPACTS THE OTHER STRENGTH MODALITIES • HOW NEWTONS LAWS OF MOTION AFFECT A BARBELL & WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT • HOW ANTHROPOMETRY AFFECTS LIFTING POSITION • LIFTING TIME WITH 1-1 COACHING STRENGTH IS THE BASIS OF ALL OTHER PHYSICAL SKILLS. The reason that there are many injuries in this sport is because in the quest for completion of movement, dynamic was embraced in the absence of static and momentum overtook muscular output. Unilateral and multidirectional movements as part of true GPP have become neglected, as coaches and athletes became more and more sport specific. Progressive overload and linear periodization gave way to the cycling of over-varied movements. Absolute strength hasn’t been built. Athletes fell victim to the law of diminishing returns, unfortunately that is not how strength is developed and will quickly lead to plateaus and potential for injury. BUILD the foundation; get strong in the fundamental positions and maximize your athletic potential. the Course will cost ONLY £45, and open to everyone! Wether you CrossFit, Coach/PT, Strength train, Powerlift, train for aesthetics.....whatever you goal or ability, if you want to lean how to correctly and increase your Squat, Deadlidt and Press, then this course is what you need! Kevin Don has worked with with some of the best CrossFit Games Athletes in the world, along with strength Coaches like Mark Bell! 1000’s OF PRs OVER 18 COUNTRIES!

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