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Last Chance! You have only 1 day left to sign up to CrossFit Shadow Valleys CrossFit Induction/on-Ramp course this weekend, Saturday the 3rd at 11:30-13:30. This will be the last CrossFit induction course for 6 weeks! The only way between now and then that you will be able to join CSV is by doing a 121-induction priced at £60 (if we can get you in). Don’t miss this opportunity to get started now and beat the January rush! Not only this for December only, the Induction course will cost ONLY £35 if you book by 20:00 1st Dec! This price includes the Induction course, plus whole of the month’s membership! Januarys CrossFit Induction will be held on Sat 14th Jan 17, £45. Including the remainder of the month’s membership FREE! (Losing you 2 weeks of membership if you wait until Jan) Don’t be the majority, your health and fitness won’t wait for you…. Get started today! email- to secure your space.

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