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24hrs Charity WOD

CrossFit Shadow Valley, Fitness Facility will be holding a 24hrs WOD this Friday from 10:30 to help raise money and awareness for the charity’s, Help for heroes and SANDS.

In a nut shell, all 8 Athletes will begin the 24hr WOD with "Murph" following this the 8 athletes will break into pairs, and start to tackle each HERO & Benchmark wods from A-Z. All athletes will tackle each hero wod individually & RX (or as close to RX as possible). We will be working in pairs to cheer and pace each other along the way, as we all know it can get very lonely wodding alone.

It will generally work out that each pair wods for an hour, then takes an hour or two off to recover and get ready for the next wod.

In that hour if the Athletes finish the wod(s) in the time given they will then jump on the rowers and row for the remaining time. For instance, if you finish Murph in 46mins, you will row for distance for the remaining 14mins.

Though the dark hours of 22:00-02:00 we will row the distance of the Channel crossing, from Portsmouth - Le Harve 185000m, minus any meters accumulated during the time after the wods.

From 02:00 two athletes will kick the hero wods back off again with "Stephen". The Hero wods will continue to run up until 09:30 where we will finish the last hour with "Murph" again! but with the 09:30 Team wod. All members of the 24Hr WOD will complete Murph as RX, any athletes joining us for the last hour will be able to tackle Murph as they see fit. Obviously RX will be the primary option.

I would like to invite any CrossFit Athletes from across South Wales or surrendering areas/boxes to come on in and join us for a WOD or 3, at any point in the 24hr period.

It will be £5 to drop in with the full amount going towards the above charities. Plus, this is an awesome opportunity to visit another box, meet some fellow CrossFitter, and tackle a tough Hero Wod or two!

I would like to thank, ICON Nutrition, Pontypool Tesco & MSC for their kind donations of supplements and food to keep our athletes going through this tough 24hrs, along with Crossford's for supplying the 24hr WOD T-shits.

If you are unable to come along and join us, but would still like to donate. I have attached a link below.

Thank you,

Daniel Yates

CrossFit Shadow Valley

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