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4 Week Summer Challenge!

CSV's 4 Week Summer Challenge is out and ready for you!

It is still not late to sign yourself up and d get started!

Here is a brief outline of what Is involved and what is involved from you before you commit to the challenge.

This challenge won’t be easy but it will give you that kick start you may need to get your health, nutrition, weight management and lifestyle into check.

The Nutrition plan will start Monday 4th July, and will be sent out to you no later than Friday 1st. So you will need to go shopping or make sure you have everything in by the weekend to make sure you are ready to go!

What the Challenge will involve-

· A 4-week nutrition plan, full of healthy and nutrition’s meals that promote weight loss, performance and vitality. Without leaving you starving and craving more.

· A list of recommended supplements to support a healthy lifestyle, and promote the above.

· Access to a private Facebook group where you can share experiences, ask questions, view recipes plus much more.

· A free weigh-in, measurements and body fat % taken (if wanted).

· Fun daily challenges to complete completed to gain points that go towards a final prize.

· Daily exercises to complete completed to gain points that go towards a final prize.

· Nutritional education, blogs, recipes and updates.

· Prizes

· Free access to CSV’s 30min lunch time circuits on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 13:15.

· Plus, more!

What will be required from you-

· Dedication for the 4 weeks, results or excuses!

· No or limited alcohol, if you have to drink, clean white spirits only with sugar mixers.

· A £20 payment paid before the 1st weeks plan is released (Friday 1st)

· Personal photos to track your physical progress (Personal use only)

· A weigh-in, body fat etc. To be taken at your local Boots store, if not done at CSV. (This must be pre-arranged with Dan)

· Even more dedication, and still no alcohol.

· To complete the daily challenges and exercises where possible.

· To train hard (if possible), rest, recover and enjoy the Challenge.

· Uploading videos, pictures of you carrying out the challenges and exercises.

· Get involved and talk to others involved.

· Learn and set new habits.

· Be honest and true full to yourself, it is only you, you are cheating!

· Enjoy, learn, eat some great food, exercise and have fun.

Following the email, if you wish to continue, the following weeks plans will be sent out to you each Wednesday, daily challenges, exercises will be posted on the Facebook page first thin in the morning for that day. Educational blogs, info and recipes will also be posted on Facebook and emailed out to everyone.

If anyone has any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Terms and conditions apply, this is not a 100% personal plan, there will be things you don’t like or may be allergic, sensitive to. If this is the case speak to Dan asap and we will change your plan. If it’s just because you don’t like the texture of an avocado, then I’m afraid you will just have to deal with it, or make guacamole :)

Daniel Yates

CrossFit Shadow Valley

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