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8 Reasons your workout may not be working.

5. You reward yourself with food.

Do you allow yourself to have that extra piece of pizza or order that dessert when dining out because you "went to the gym" earlier? If so, you may be undoing all of that good calorie-burning with too many treats.

Get-Results Remedy: Focus on how good exercise makes you feel rather than what it allows you to eat after; and choose foods that fuel your workouts, rather than the other way around. Enjoy your food and treat yourself every now and again, if 80% of the time you train HARD and eat WELL, you can afford to treat yourself for the other 20%. Just remember it all needs to be in moderation, a weekend of binging isn’t just 20% as you may have just undone a solid week of hard work, progress and effort. Then you spend another 2-3 days rebuilding, moaning and suffering to get back what you lost. Ask yourself it really worth it?

Anyone can eat poorly, make bad health choices, not make the effort to get to the box, gym, run…... It takes a lot of dedication, self-motivation and effort to make the right choices and consistently push yourself to go that extra mile when you’re tired, stressed, kids, long day, the mother in law is over, the cats/gold fish is ill etc. “RESULTS OR EXCUSES” You can’t have both!

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