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CrossFit Shadow Valley 24 hour Charity Workout.

CrossFit Shadow Valley is aiming to complete a 24-hour rolling workout for two charities; SAND and Help for Hero’s. The principle purpose of the workout will be to raise as much money as possible for the respective charities. Raising money can sometimes be easy and the challenges attached to this also, sometimes tokenistic; taking nothing away from anyone who wants to raise money for any charity, but this particular fundraiser, will be by no means an easy task. As you all know, the form of exercise that we choose to do, is hard, and contextually the hardest form of exercise and fitness programme around. To undertake a ‘Hero’ workout demonstrates the top end of our fitness choices. Those of you who understand any Hero workout will know that they are designed to push those particular capacities, right to the edge of our abilities. So, with this in mind, a small team of 12 athletes (6 males and 6 females) will attempt to roll through as many Hero workouts as possible in a 24-hour period (operational logistics to follow). This will mean that each athlete will stay for 24 hours and workout for between 12-14 hours pro rata. Some might find it difficult to even stay awake for this period of time, let alone dip in and out of hard-core exercise, maintain their nutrition for performance, and motivate themselves to ‘keep going’. Make no mistake, this challenge for charity is at the very limits of our capabilities and is not just a gimmick. I want it to take us to the edge, over the edge where needs must – as when can we ever truly know we are alive, until we are at these points. It will be extreme, it will be emotional, it may injure you, it might affect you! But we are not about going through the motions and just ‘having a go’. We are about telling the charities that we raise money for that, we are willing to try and push ourselves to the end; because we care, and because we understand. SAND and Help for Hero’s sit close to mine and Dan’s hearts. In the future, who is to say that we won’t do it again for a different charity, but for this first workout, it will be for the charities outlined. Now, for those who want to take part, there are some clear stipulations that have to be adhered to. These are as follows:

  • Each Athlete must commit to stay for the full 24-hour period;

  • No Athlete, will pick or choose which WOD they do, or don’t want to do; it will be balloted and final;

  • Each athlete will be responsible for their own personal maintenance, kit and food;

  • The support team are only there to set up the following workout, not to tend to the needs of athletes;

  • Each participating athlete will need to raise a minimum of £100.00;

  • No participating athlete will actively pursue other CSV members to get the sponsorship money;

  • The £100.00 will be paid on the day of the event. Any additional sponsorship will be paid no later than 2 weeks from the completion date of the event;

  • The event is open to members only; and

  • No suggestions! This event will be run with military precision and the start times and end times (to be released) will be none negotiable.

I must repeat, it will not be easy. It is designed to push you to the limit!

In the event that more than 12 athletes want to take part, a raffle system will be employed. Remember, there are 24 hourly slots to join in with throughout the event, so unless you feel 100%, maybe think about one of the drop-in sessions.

To give you a basic understanding of what will be expected, on, 3-2-1 go, a 24-hour clock will start. The team of 12 will then, in various formats, start their workout e.g. athlete 1 might start with Fran and then as soon as this is finished, athletes 2/3 might start a pair’s version of Whitten etc. By the first week of June, the team will be picked and the plans for the workout and for the format will be released. ‘Team 24’ will also be looking for support crew over the period of time to get work outs ready, manage drop-in members and generally keep ‘Team 24’ motivated. We envisage around 12 support team members being ample, rotating around 3 - 4 hours each.

Lastly, please don’t be disappointed if you think this is a step too far or if the ballot doesn’t fall your way. CSV is one big community and team and Team 24’ will need the wider community to help them along the way.


There will be no excuses

There will be no quitting

If you are injured we will carry you

We will finish together

We will be ready for anything

Coach Coxy

Fully supported by Coach Dan and the wider CSV Coaching team.

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