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Summer Updates

Summer Updates- Grab a coffee and please read.

Hi all,

New to the time table from the 30th April. The very popular and demanding S&C Sessions Monday 12:00 with an added barbell session Friday 12:00 for anyone who can't make the evenings.

We will be bringing back in a Saturday Morning 08:30 BOOTCAMP session, this session is open to all members and non-members. (Charged at £3.50 per session for non-members) So bring your friends along!

CrossFit Teens is now added to the program every Saturday after the CrossFit Kids sessions. Please not these sessions are not on the first Saturday of every month as the CrossFit On-Ramp will be running.

CrossFit Kids- 12:15 Ages 4-10 CrossFit Teens- 13:00 Ages 11-15 Price - £3.50

Tuesday 19:30- CrossFit Specialty session. (Gymnastics, rowing, mobility, recovery/nutrition, endurance, defense (tbc), power lifting...) these sessions will be announced so you can plan ahead.

There will unfortunately be no added evening beach body session, or set abs and core session, but anyone who comes to any of the Strength and conditioning sessions will know that the is a lot of focus on core exercises with many of these sessions solely focused of abs and core. For anyone who cannot make the day sessions, I recommended making the 19:30 S&C session with the Queen of Core exercises, Coach Fizz.

From the 3rd May, there will be an added white board in the stretch area with a WOD focusing on Abs, Core and Bums. Not only to help you get summer ready but these are huge muscle groups that will help you massively progress in all movements. As well as this there will be daily mobility/flexibility exercises up on this board to aid prior/post session, to improve you range of motion and to help prevent injuries/DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness)

All sessions in yellow will be open to non-members (Charged at £5 per session) With the beginner’s barbell now open to teens from the age of 13 years old.

Also all CrossFit & Gym only Members will now have access to the Circuit style sessions, Monday, Tues and Friday @ 13:15. Non-members will be charged £3.50 per session. These sessions can be bought in bulk for a discounted price of; 10 sessions for only £30.

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