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Eat to perform Nutritional Program & Weight Loss Challenge

CrossFit Shadow Valley’s

Eat to perform Nutritional Program

& Weight Loss Challenge

With the summer only around the corner now is the time to fully take control of your nutrition, health and wellbeing!

Whether you want to perform grater in your chosen sport, feel a million dollars & look great,

lose weight & tone up,

or all of the above.

We have a nutritional plan for you!

What goes into your body is without a shadow of a doubt the most important part of your body and minds health and wellbeing, physically and mentally!

Whatever your goal in life, your nutrition will play a vital role in helping you achieve your dreams.

“A goal is just a wish without a plan”

Here we have your “plan”


Are giving you the chance to take control of your nutrition and health by offering you;

FREE 6-week nutrition plan!

Online nutritional support, advice and education.

Access to a private Facebook group

Plus, a free recipe book with over 80 healthy and delicious recipes.

This amazing offer is open to everyone, members and non-members, local or across the globe!

This offer will not be around for long, so strike while the iron is hot and get in touch today.

Do something today your future self will thank you for.

“You can have results or excuses… “

Here is the key to your results, now you have got to open the door and walk through it.

For more information and T&C’s, please contact,

With the subject heading;

1. Eat to perform

2. Weight loss


Make 2016 the year you finally take control.

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