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Blog- Wednesday 3rd

It is our pleasure and excitement @ Team CSV to officially announce that Coach Adam Cox (Coxy) will be joining the team.

Adam has been working and playing within the areas of physical activity and fitness for the past 10 years, through the Prison Service, teaching, recreationally through rugby and climbing and in the last four years, training and coaching CrossFit.

While studying for a sports science degree, the area of human performance and the relationship between behaviour and exercise, intellect and exercise took him down a path to study more in-depth the unseen benefits of Crossfit; such as how HIIT can have a positive effect on cognitive ability.

With all the academic interests aside, Adam just loves to watch people improve and has seen no better avenue for the improvement in human performance than in Crossfit. He is passionate about making sure everyone feels included, valued and understands the basic; and if you ask him, he will always happily explains the reasons behind the ‘why’s and what’s’ of why we do what we do.

“It is important to me that all CSV athletes feel as though they understand why Crossfit works and will work for them. From the big to small, older to younger everything is tailored to suit the athlete”.


- Behaviour Management Level 2

- Sports Science degree

- Personal Training Level 3

- Crossfit Level 1

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