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Daily Wod- Thursday 14th

4 x Max effort.

Max effort- Bench Press into press ups. (Rest 2-3mins between sets)

Max effort- Pull ups into dips. (Rest 2-3mins between sets)

Max effort- Plank into sit ups. (Rest 2-3mins between sets)

1 x 400 Skips (200 DU'S), 3 squats every time you stop/brake.

Do you want to get wet, muddy and have fun, give the Spartan race a go in June (20/21).

The perfect chance to try out one of these events if you have still yet to.

Plus its a sprint event, so you wont be spending hours slogging away, the distance will be around 5k with approx 15 obsticles.

What have you got to lose!

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