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Daily Wod- Tuesday 12th

Tabata- 8 rnds of 20sec's work 10sec's rest. (Total 4mins)

Tabata- Total Reps. Complete 8rnds (20's/10's) of the following exercises, rest 1 min max inbetween changing exercises.


-HOG Press Ups (Hand off ground)- your hands releases of the floor for a slip second at as your chest touches the floor.

-Sit Ups.

-KB swings 16/24kg (scale accordingly) or Burpees.

Nutrition is the foundation to any healthy lifestyle and the key to acheiving your goals, whatever they may be.

There is no point spending hours slogging away in the gym or out of the field trying to achieve your results if your putting rubbish into your body!

Your body is a machine and will only perform/work at its best with the right fuel.

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