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Meet The Team

Daniel Yates

Owner, Head Coach & Director

Dan spent the last 14 years serving in the Armed Forces (Parachute Regiment). He has experience in many different roles and has helped in all aspects and ages of people from around the world all with many different beliefs, cultures and needs. From our home in the UK to Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more.


Serving with one of the UK’s elite units means that your disciplines, fitness levels and nutrition have to be to a high level to enable you to perform to your best in any given situation, making sure you are ready for whatever life throws at you.


It is my mission to bring all his experiences and knowledge to this community. Helping people meet their goals, dreams and achieve the life they deserve, whatever that maybe. My dream is to do this through fitness and nutrition, bringing the community together for a better life and a better healthier more active future.


It is my mission to bring the community closer together through Health, Fitness and Nutrition. 



- CrossFit Level 1

- CrossFit Weightlifting Level 1 

- CrossFit Kids

- Personal Trainer Level 3 

- Strength & Conditioning Level 1 (Inc Kettlebells)

- Precision Nutrition Certification Level 1

- Nutritional Coach

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