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Daily Wod- Thursday 30th

7min AMRAP (As many reps as possible)

7- Down ups (Lay on the ground until your chect touches the floor and then stand up, fully extending at the hips at the top)

7- Air Squats (Below parrellel or however low is acheivable)

7- Sit ups

3min rest, then...

3 rnds of:

5- Dips

10- Press Ups (On knees if needed)

15- Second Plank hold (Squeeze your glutes, core, straight back)

20- High Alternate High Knees

Each day the new wod will be posted in the eveing around 21:00 for the next days training.

Remember this is just a general fitness program and take rest days as and when you need them.

Do as little or a much as your body can take, listen to your body.

Eat, train and sleep right!

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