Project 10.jpg
  • Strength

  • Endurance (CV)

  • Power

  • Speed

  • Co-ordination

  • Stamina

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Agility

  • Accuracy

Project 10

Now is the time to get involved and get started! Don’t wait until it’s to late!


Everyone wants the results but few are prepared to put the effort and hard work in to get them!


Step out of the crowd and don’t be a sheep.


Would you like to?


💪🏼 get fitter
💪🏼 lose body fat / gain lean muscle
💪🏼 get stronger
💪🏼 improve all over and in every movement
💪🏼 improve aesthetically
💪🏼 improve your diet
💪🏼 improve your recovery and sleep
💪🏼 become faster
💪🏼 learn to pace properly
💪🏼 understand/know your rep ranges/paces
💪🏼 improve your core and stability
💪🏼 learn how to lift, squat and press correctly
💪🏼 become mentally stronger
💪🏼 learn how to engage the correct muscles
💪🏼 understand your body
💪🏼 121 advice and coaching
💪🏼 grouped training sessions (in/out the box)
💪🏼 beat your training buddy’s 🤫
💪🏼 nutrition
💪🏼 learn when to eat and what to eat
💪🏼 progress in your training with a balance

Plus much more......


If your interested and want to know more get in touch ASAP!

Free trials are available, you will need roughly 4 x 20-40mins a week, some of this can be done outside of the box and at home.

(Most of your faff and natter for longer than this!)

Once this fully kicks off there will be a private FB group info, challenge, advice, chats, techniques, videos, recipes......posted


The cost will be £9.99pm (no contract)
Couples £14.99

Join and cancel any time.


Remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint!


Start ASAP and this time in 6 month you will have progressed at least 3 times more than you would have if you just continued to do what your doing!


If not I’ll give you your money back!


(Providing you have worked hard, put the effort in, been consistent in your training with a positive attitude, listened & followed the advice given)