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This 4 week challenge will be like nothing you have done before, daily challenges, nutritional education, exercises that must be completed daily, prizes, plus much more!

This plan is suitable for all, members and non-members.

Email, for more details on how to get started!


Just a quick reminder to anyone who may not have got the message.

Due to the Scale the Heights Competition this weekend in Slough, there will unfortunately be no CrossFit Kids/Teen this Saturday (18th).

There will be no Changes to the Saturday 08:30 BootCamp or the 09:30 wod. Coach Coxy will be heading both Wods up on the Saturday.

Sunday as normal.

The CSV In-House Comp and Social on Saturday 9th July has now been changed to the Saturday 23rd of July. More details to follow.


6. You're doing too much too soon.

Unfortunately, results don't happen overnight. It takes time and consistency to get in shape over the long haul. But how many of us decide that we're going to get in shape and then get totally gung-ho, spending hours at the gym only to find ourselves tired, sore and no thinner after a week or two?

Get-Results Remedy: Be patient. Remember that you're creating a lifestyle change that you can sustain for the rest of your life. While there's temptation to start off doing extra-long and hard wod’s/workouts, don't. Build up to doing those tough workouts gradually as the weeks go by. Not only will this prevent injury and give your body more time to adapt and change, it will also give your life and habits time to change, permanently!


On 26th August 2016, CrossFit Shadow Valley (CSV) will be hosting a 24-hour charity Workout, in aide of Help for Hero’s and SANDS, with all donations being split on a 50/50 basis. Both are extremely worthwhile causes and deserve a huge amount of recognition and support for all of the hard work that they do.

The workouts undertaken will be done so on a rolling basis during the 24-hour period, by 12 core athletes, each of which will need to raise a minimum of £100.00 in sponsorship themselves in order to take part. Each workout is extremely grueling in its nature and is in no way suitable for the fainthearted! They really do need to be seen to be believed!

CSV members will be dropping in on an ad hoc basis to support their team members, take part in the workouts wher...


5. You reward yourself with food.

Do you allow yourself to have that extra piece of pizza or order that dessert when dining out because you "went to the gym" earlier? If so, you may be undoing all of that good calorie-burning with too many treats.

Get-Results Remedy: Focus on how good exercise makes you feel rather than what it allows you to eat after; and choose foods that fuel your workouts, rather than the other way around. Enjoy your food and treat yourself every now and again, if 80% of the time you train HARD and eat WELL, you can afford to treat yourself for the other 20%. Just remember it all needs to be in moderation, a weekend of binging isn’t just 20% as you may have just undone a solid week of hard work, progress and effort. Then you spend another 2-3 d...



Day 4. You're only doing cardio. (Most CrossFitter won’t have this problem) Yes, cardio is important for calorie burning, but a proper exercise plan includes cardio, strength training and flexibility. If you're just doing cardio, then you will be burning calories and strengthening your cardiovascular system, but you won't be really changing your body composition by building more muscle. For that you need strength/resistance training! If you are doing strength/resistance training, but not pushing yourself or increasing the weights, staying in your comfort zone your body will never adapt or change.


Get-Results Remedy: DO CROSSFIT! Or Lift weights, do body-weight exercises, such as lunges and push-ups, at least twice a week to reap the amazing benefits of resistanc...


3. You haven't changed your diet.


Exercise is awesome, but if you're not eating a nutritious diet with the appropriate number of calories and the correct nutrients your body needs, then you could be shooting yourself in the foot!


Proper nutrition fuels your workouts, but eat too much, or too much of the wrong stuff, could result in weight gain. Eat too little, and you won't have enough energy to exercise, this could seriously affect your metabolic rate (resulting in plateaus or even weight gain), slowing down your recovery rate as you are not feeding your body the nutrients its needs to recover, re-building the muscles and replenishing the body or Central Nervous System. Food is Fuel!


Remedy: Seek advice or email for more details...


2. You're working too hard.


Yes, you can actually work out too hard and too much. If you're someone who goes all out in every workout, or rarely to never takes a day off to rest, you could actually be breaking your muscles down instead of building them.


If you always feel tired and sore, have unexplained headaches, insomnia or just a general lack of motivation and an inability to complete your workouts, you may be overtraining.

Get-Results Remedy: Take three to five days off of exercise altogether. It may be hard for you to do this, but know that you must allow your body the time it needs to rest and recover. Get plenty of sleep each night and fill up on nutritious foods. Then slowly ease back into your routine, making shorter, less intense workouts part of your w...



Hi all,


For the next 8 days I will be posting 8 reasons why your workout isn't working for you. Why you may not be getting the results you desire, or why you may feel you are just fighting a losing battle.


1. You're just not working hard enough.


If you have been exercising consistently for several weeks, months or years, it's definitely time to increase the intensity and start pushing yourself. As you work out more and more, your body adapts and becomes more efficient at doing that certain activity. This means that over time, the WOD that was challenging for you three months ago doesn't provide the same results or stimulus to the body. In fact, you're actually burning fewer calories and your body is no longer changing if you're still doing the same old thing, th...


Book Now to Save Disapointment!


CrossFit Shadow Valley’s CrossFit Induction/On-Ramp Course will be held this Saturday at 11:30-14:30. Make sure you book now to save disappointment! This is the only induction course for June!


121 or small group induction sessions available on request, price tbc.


Don’t delay and do something today your future self will thank you for!


Email, to secure your space.




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