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AMRAP (As many rounds in 20mins)


400m Run/Row

Then 3 Rounds of-

5 Pull ups (5 Burpee's if unable to do pull ups)

10 Press Ups (On your knees if need be)

15 Air Squats


"Once the 3rnds have being complete it's straight back to the run/row"


Challenge yourself for those who serve - Run the Great Gwent Poppy Run 2015 ‪#‎MilitaryMadness‬




Here is the first wod (work out of the day) on your new fitness journey! 


Run/Walk for 25mins, 


0-5mins- Steady/Warm up

5-20mins- Approx 60-70% of your max effort.

20-25mins- Steady/Cool down. 


If you can record your distance, then do so for future refference. 





7min AMRAP (As many reps as possible) 


7- Down ups (Lay on the ground until your chect touches the floor and then stand up, fully extending at the hips at the top)

7- Air Squats (Below parrellel or however low is acheivable)

7- Sit ups 


3min rest, then...


3 rnds of:

5- Dips

10- Press Ups (On knees if needed)

15- Second Plank hold (Squeeze your glutes, core, straight back) 

20- High Alternate High Knees


Each day the new wod will be posted in the eveing around 21:00 for the next days training. 


Remember this is just a general fitness program and take rest days as and when you need them. 


Do as little or a much as your body can take, listen to your body. 


Eat, train and sleep right!



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